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Now taking bookings for September 2023
Next available beginners course starts on Friday 22nd of September 2023,
10am - 12.30pm. Please get in touch soon as several spaces are already reserved.
Only one space left! 


Each week of this course you will be taught new groups of stitches. These range from the simple to the elaborate, building your skills, knowledge and confidence.


Learn in a relaxed setting with a small group (no more than
6 students) around the kitchen table, in a large, light space.

All materials, worksheets, patterns and refreshments
are provided including homemade cake!


Next course starts in September 2023, 
10am-12.30pm and 
runs for 10 weeks. Price £240.


Course Feedback

Lovely to spend a morning engrossed in learning new techniques and chatting. Very therapeutic to forget everything else for a while! 

JP - Spring Course 2023

What did you like best about the course?

Atmosphere; never made to look silly or incompetent, instead gentle encouragement and positivity. Not hurried to finish things, everyone working at their own pace.

HL - Spring Course 2023

I love the worksheets - very clear explanations/descriptions, they have become my reference material. Better than all the stitch books I own!

AD - Autumn Course 2022

Extremely well organised.  Jemima has a very clear lesson plan.  She doesn’t get distracted and doesn’t flit from one thing to the next, keeps to the main task so there is no time wasting and hanging around.  Excellent time control, we are not made to feel hurried etc. 
Whole lesson flows really well.

KW - Summer Course 2022

The light-hearted supportive atmosphere, in the group and generated by Jemima, is definitely part of what made the course enjoyable.  It is years since I did any handicraft work, and the idea of creating off-template was rather daunting, but somehow it seems to have worked out well and I have relished the creative aspect. Jemima helps you believe you can just do it!  

JMO - Spring Course 2022

I'd just like to say that you and the course gives me so much much more than the gift of learning new things, it gives me peace, stillness, focus, a purpose and bits of delight to take away and create the same in our own lives and home.

HK - Spring Embroidery Course 2020

It was pitched just right for me and seemed to accommodate the the groups' abilities really well. The group of women were amazing. Jemima is a great teacher and bakes amazing cakes!

I thought the (class) size was perfect as Jemima had the opportunity to help individuals as and when required. She gently moved us on so we covered what was expected in the lesson.

LK - Spring Embroidery Course 2019

Every class was interesting and also surprising. It was obvious we all looked forward to it every week.

CC - Spring Course 2023

I never thought I would be able to do some of the stitches I have learnt. Now when I look at a piece, whether it's a tablecloth or in a museum, I recognise the stitches (even if I can't name them) whereas before I just thought it was magical, not it is possible. 

LR - Spring Course 2023

What did you like best about the course?

Getting me into stitching again in an accessible, practical, creative and social way.

EB - Autumn Course 2022

Very well structured course, gradually building in complexity and encouraging the students to become more creative in their designs.  Homework every week has been very important in putting into practice what we have learnt in the class.  The home made cakes are also wonderful - the only improvement to the course I can recommend is handouts with the cake recipes each week!

MS - Spring Course 2022

Really good value. I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn the art of embroidery, regardless of your starting skill level, you will soon be producing lovely pieces of work.

JB - Spring Embroidery Course 2020

This class is amazing. Jemima is amazing and so are her cakes! I've learned so much in just 3 weeks, and this week while I'm away, she gave me this weeks tutorial and homework so I don't fall behind. If you want to learn hand embroidery then Jemima's classes are for you.

GT - Autumn Embroidery Course 2019

I really enjoyed the classes and only wished the course carried on term after term! So much to learn and a lovely way of sewing in a friendly group. More please....

MR - Spring Embroidery Course 2019

Good pace, well organised, friendly and enjoyable! Lovely atmosphere. I have found a new skill/hobby - I can now build on and develop at my own pace. It was a wonderful course and great value for money.

EH - Summer Embroidery Course 2019

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