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Unfortunately there are no dates for workshops at the moment. As soon as it's possible within guidelines, I will offer them again, in my home near Horfield Common, Bristol and in your home.

Below is a selection of the workshops available, please get in contact if you would like more information.

I also teach privately in small groups or one-to-one.

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10 Simple Stitches workshop

In this workshop you will be taught 10 basic embroidery stitches that will allow you follow simple hand embroidery patterns, embellish clothes and accessories and make your own unique pieces of stitched art.


These simple and pretty stitches will enable you to create beautiful stitched pieces, or use them to elevating ordinary gifts into something personal. Decorate plain clothes or mend favourite items in a simple and original way.


Suitable for complete beginners

Thread painting - Fruit, Fungi or Flowers


Using threads as your medium, this workshop will teach you how to paint with embroidery floss and cottons, capturing light and shade, shape and form. With just simple stitches you will create a beautiful fruit

picture on ecodyed fabric.

No previous knowledge of embroidery

stitches or techniques necessary.

Suitable for beginners


Darning and embroidery for ‘visible’ mending


In this workshop you will learn to use a handful of simple hand stitches to embellish plain clothes and accessories, transforming them into something unique. 


Using these stitches you will also learn to darn clothes visibly to make a feature of any holes or tears, saving loved clothes from the recycling!

Suitable for beginners


What is Thread Painting?

‘Thread painting’ has many names, but it is, quite simply, painting with threads, and uses one simple stitch called long and short stitch. It’s believed to be derived from satin stitch, and is also similar to back stitch. I think of it as detailed, delicate colouring-in, using different colours next to each other to create a blended, shaded effect much like painting. The stitch technique allows you to recreate the colour and shape of the object you are ‘painting’. You can use fine, single stranded cottons and silks for a delicate effect, or thicker/multiple strands for a more painterly finish. 


Also known as silk painting and silk shading, this technique is used in haute couture right through to fast fashion as it can be done by machines for speed and easy repetition. On the sewing machine the technique used is freemotion embroidery with a walking/bouncing foot. I teach only the hand embroidered technique.



If you’d be interested in learning more about any of these workshops, please get in touch. I have taught classes at Prema in Uley, Kingshill House in Dursley and the Folk House in Bristol, as well as small workshops in peoples' homes. All you need to provide is the space and the participants and I will bring along all the materials and images so you can learn to thread paint. No previous knowledge of embroidery stitches or techniques necessary.


Encrusted Embroidery


Learn how to make 3D pieces of embroidery that are adorned and embellished with raised stitches to create miniature stitched worlds!


We will work with unusual items and fabrics to create the raised and 3D stitches. You’ll use bullion and french knots, blanket stitch and woven picots. 

Suitable for improvers

Just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed this workshop yesterday. Jemima is such a talented tutor and I learnt so much in a short time, was very pleased with what I achieved and have been enthused to do more. Jemima was exceptionally well prepared for the workshop and more than met my expectations in every way.

Feedback from Folk House workshop

Feedback from a private workshop

I had a lovely day, very relaxing to sit and sew all day. Jemima is a fabulous teacher - I’m very proud of the pansy petal that I’ve produced so far, I’m just about to embroider a bit more! 

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